Microsoft Flight Simulator Behind The Scenes Look | Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022

Microsoft’s longest running game franchise is adding new aircrafts to fly around the world like helicopters, gliders, and a brand new airline, as well as new airports and missions. Behind the scenes, Parris Lilly and head of Microsoft Flight…

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  1. The Udvar-Hazy center is astounding, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the updated museum on the mall! I hope this collaboration provides a good deal of financial support for the amazing Smithsonian Institution.

  2. Just went out there in my Oculus Rift VR Headset and Google Earth VR. Simply an amazing place. It is completely covered inside with 360 degree photos so one can walk around everywhere. It is much better than the Smithsonian itself which I also went to, No wonder Jorg was so giddy.

  3. The team at Asobo is doing an incredible job with this sim, surpassing all expectations, took a while to get the machine running but right now it is at full speed, good job guys!

  4. I've long since passed the 10th anniversary of my flight simulation career and I am looking forward to the 40th anniversary of this extraordinary genre 😃👍🏻

  5. if MS/ASOBO and their 3rd party developers can have access to the Smithsonian aircraft collection and acquire detailed 3D scans of those planes for flight sim then the sky really is the limit. What a great partnership that is for the Smithsonian, MSFS, and ultimately for the aviation, computer tech, and space industry – because so many young people can potentially be inspired by what this collaboration can produce in the years ahead.

  6. I am absolutely indebted to Microsoft and Asobo for keeping the franchise going. Its iconic, a large part of my past, and I cannot thank everyone involved enough. My only issue is what happens in 2030 when the 10 year plan runs out? I know I know, that 8 years down the road. Yet I just hope beyond all hope we either get something new, or another 10 year development cycle starts.

    As an aside. One thing I would love to see back in MSFS is the training section with Rod Machado. He was an integral part of FSX and I would love to see this revamped for MSFS.

  7. I absolutely love MSFS, but I have to say I’m really disappointed with it right now. Since world update 10, I haven’t been able to complete one flight. The sim keeps crashing to the dashboard when I’m on final approach, I’m playing on Xbox series S.

  8. I am 56 years old and have been gaming since 1979, my enthusiasm and love for gaming has not once dwindled, my sons are all avid gamers too ! I have to say, MSFS 2020 is on another level of entertainment in the gaming industry, I own it on pc and I've just ordered a XBOX Series X and guess what game ? Yep, you guessed it, MSFS 2020 !! I'll play this hooked up in the lounge with the Turtle Beach Velocity One controller. Cannot wait, what a time to be alive as a gamer !! Thanks so much, Daz UK.

  9. I don't know why, but in the beginning with the helicopter ride, I thought it was a trick and the guy was going to say, "I'm not actually in a helicopter. The scenery around me is actually from the game itself!" Besides that, I love Flight Simulator! Thank you guys for your hard work making this game. 🙂

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