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Mario Strikers: Battle League Review | Is It Worth Buying

The Nintendo icons are headed back to the pitch on Nintendo Switch, but is Mario Strikers: Battle League worth your time? Join GI for our official review to find out.

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  1. I just don't see this game worth being $60 for what's here on day 1. I was waiting until reviews came out for Battle League to form more of an opinion on it and quite frankly, the game appears to be lacking. The replayability just isn't there for me especially because of the limited and minimal amount of content currently available. I've decided to stop supporting Nintendo with their sports games due to purposely releasing them half baked / incomplete at launch. It's bad business practice yet Nintendo continues to do it because they get away with it every single time.

  2. I love love the GameCube Mario Striker but the demo was though not going to lie. I’ll have to pass for now since there are soo many games releasing this summer,
    June: TMNT 🐢, Sonic Origins, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, The Quarry (PS5)
    July: Alive A Live, STRAY 🐈 (PS5)

  3. wow its getting good reviews Game informer just hates nintendo they gave this a 7.25 but gave MARIO TENNIS ACES a 8 and SUPER rush a 8.25 you dont know what youre talking about Game informer and SMTV and 8.25……

  4. I'm losing interest in buying this game. Just 2 goal animations, complicated controls, random voice clips, 5 stadium themes, 10 characters and no Daisy?!

  5. I like the way this game looks, but why does it feel like Nintendo isn't focusing as much on the single player experience in these games even when they should? Their online would be so much better if you weren't being charged for it.

  6. I hope Nintendo intends to lean into the free “update”/dlcs moving forward to beef these games up. They have been getting by on delivering the bare minimum experience for a while now and that seems to be changing soon

  7. Nintendo need to bring the Strikers Club to offline as well in upcoming updates. As well as a Season Mode in offline as well, like in most soccer games, and an Adventure Mode like in all Mario sports games of late.

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