Mario Strikers: Battle League | Everything To Know

Mario Strikers: Battle League is coming to Nintendo Switch letting you watch some of your favorite Mario characters duke it out on the soccer pitch. Here’s everything you need to know about Mario’s latest adventure

Mario Strikers: Battle League…

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  1. Everything sounds great other than 2 player cap per system. It’s a Mario party game, it needs to be able to have all 8 characters be player controlled, and that should require linking up 4 switches.

  2. nothing here about offline career mode at ALL!! yous said different DLC but only mentioned Character DLC.. what else? theres still a LOT we don't know and they need to do a lot of bug fixes with switching players and ball control on top. i feel this game is not as near ready as many people think

  3. Game looks fun and great; but I'm gonna wait until it's "complete" and they give us the rest of the roster. Too many good games comming out for me to throw money at already rich Nintendo for incomplete games. I already getting Fire Emblem Warriors and more; so I will wait.

  4. Fun game but I wasn’t impressed with the 2vs2 mode, it can be confusing and hard to keep track of what’s going on with all that’s happening on the screen at once. The ball needs to stand out more, and maybe have a longer time for items to spawn. These fixes are more important then missing characters that don’t add anything to the game right now.

  5. I really wish they kept the charged ball, the more you pass the better the momentum of the game, this looks slow at best

  6. the game seems really solid but im still kinda concerned what goals other than the league play they are gonna have , will there be cups , will there be cooler unlockable equipment and msot of all will those things be included in the game out the game or as free dlc

  7. Wait can you play the 8 player mode with no club? During the beta you could play alone but you had to find a partner for 2v2 ( share 4 characters between 2 people), I assumed if you picked the greyed out mode where you go in solo it would mean 8 players but I'm starting to wonder if it's just gonna mean you go in alone and control 4 chars :/

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