Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Showcase Full Presentation

Watch the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Showcase to learn more about the unique and epic tactical gameplay, and uncover a few surprises!

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  1. No one that actually works for gaming bolt has played a video in their lifetime they just read whatever they are handed

  2. The unfortunate that each character only has one weapon and ability instead of 2, but now they’re all unique, and they have customizable Luma abilities as well. Also Rabbid Mario’s new voice is amazing. It’s weird that Rosalina and both Yoshis don’t appear, I wonder if that’ll have some story relevance, I’ve heard speculation that Cursa is Rosalina.

  3. Pros :
    •Every hero has a unique weapon, whereas a few heroes in the original had weapons that felt very similar to each other.
    •More free movement helps set the game apart from other turn-based strategy games.
    •Grant Mother-Loving Kirkhope
    •The environments look beautiful, and the worlds look more like real places.
    •The cartoonish characters contrasted with the more dramatic tone gives the game an interesting identity.
    •Unique voices for Rabbid heroes and NPCs.

    Cons :
    •Cursa seems kind of generic for a game with so much character. We'll see how it works out though.

    Trade-Offs :
    •Was hoping they'd increase the team size to four heroes, but making Mario no longer a required hero allows for more varied strategies.
    •Secondary weapons will be missed, but Sparks should help keep things varied. Would be great if each Spark had different effects on different heroes.
    • We lost two of the original lineup (not counting DLC), but the new ones look like good replacements.

  4. I kind of wish they kept generic secondaries with the fully unique primaries, and characters only having 1 unique ability is disappointing. Sparks are visually cool but seem to just be a translation of the status ailments in the first game with an AoE ability

  5. I can't wait to play the game. The first game was a great experience and now a second game we're fighting is even greater. Make so good as you can guys!

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