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Learning From The Past: A Street Fighter 6 Interview

We recently sat down with Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto, Director and Producer of Street Fighter 6, respectively, for an interview about Capcom’s upcoming fighting game. We learn about how they’re pulling inspiration from the worlds of…

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  1. During the darkest of times these guys where send down from the heavens in order to save the world's greatest fighting game franchise and i cannot thank them enough for it. I salute the both of you. I know you will not let us down.

  2. I mean, obviously the music helped. But this seems so damn heartfelt. Like two people who genuinely care. Care about Capcom, street fighter, and the community. It was very nice to watch this passion on a different level from most dev interviews.

  3. 3:10 I love this idea. And it reminds me of the school sims from the home ports of Rival Schools that were sadly excused from the Western release back in 1998. It kinda makes sense, given translation standards and school sims not being in vogue in the west during the late 90s, but now it would be an incredible draw for gamers in and outside of fighting games. If we can ever get a Rival Schools collection, I hope the modes could be restored and fully translated.

  4. I hope the changes they make to the FG division is more fighters from different franchises. Plenty like Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Power Stone, and Star Gladiator are long overdue for a return, and after watching a competitive tournament for it, a new Super Gem Fighters Mini Mix with new characters and cameos from games that premiered past 1997 would be fantastic!

  5. Nakayama-san talks about how they wanted to reimagine Street fighter 2 and you guys show Street fighter Alpha on the B-roll lol

  6. I will wait for Street Fighter 6 champion edition which will include all dlc characters, patches and a cheaper price tag. Because you know they will do that, that's capcom track record.

  7. Omg I'm guilty for not noticing this earlier until Nakayama-san pointed it out, but Matsumoto-san's drip is ALWAYS hip-hop. I bet he can pop some moves or drop some sick raps at any given time.

    Good luck to both of them.

  8. I personally don't care about the simplified controls but fighting games adopting them to try to solve the new player problem are missing the point. You could boil the entire game down to one button and casual players would still get bodied by anyone who practices more than they do. Fighting games are niche because when you get destroyed the only person you can blame is yourself and the only way to improve is to practice. Most people just aren't down for that. There is no system any dev can implement to make a player want to improve themselves, that drive has to come from the player.

  9. I am súper glad they learned a lot from SF5’s launch this gives me hella hope for sf6. I seriously can’t wait for it to be release!

  10. These two guys are awesome. Love that they prioritize communication with the fans & the amount of care they're putting into SF6. This is the most i've ever been excited for a SF game & glad that a lot of people have their eyes on this game. Great job!

  11. You know you are in good hands when you have a great leadership team behind a project and communication is #1. SF5 took a long time to get to where it finally hit the mark but, it should of been like this since day 1 to avoid alienating players. Only devotees stayed with it through out its life cycle.

  12. 0:46 "In terms of past titles, we're definitely looking to classic Street Fighter 2"

    >Game Informer shows footage from Street Fighter Alpha 2


  13. Man, why are interviews like this edited as if it's a eulogy? What's up with this fade to black shit and sad guitar in the background? Come on.

  14. Talks about Street Fighter 2, video shows footage of Street Fighter Alpha 2 lol bruh, someone needs to inform Game Informer 😉

  15. These guys are responsible for saving SFV from a far crueler fate. if there is anyone to bring Street Fighter back into the light it deserves its them

  16. パリィのSE効果音がピコピコハンマーみたいに軽くてダサいので改善お願いします

  17. These japanese traitors…they are making a woke game for woke audience, they doesnt care anymore that "Street Fighter" its a japanese game, they transforming this series in to censored LGBT game for mediocre western audience and this is how it will fail, its a fail game, they already censored most of female characters for pander the stupidity of metoo and femminists, this game must to be a fail…these traitors of japan…
    Capcom are not like before, these devs must to be fired and hire a real developers that making great sexy female fighters, no sexy = no game.

  18. As much as I like all the different types of characters coming to this game I'd like to see more martial arts styles represented. Things like Pencak Silat, Kali, and Krav Maga with the characters actually being Indonesian, Filipino and Israeli.

  19. Man, the way they speak about final fight it’s almost crazy no one was in the leak, hopefully dlc, or maybe 1 of em will be a surprise base roster reveal

  20. Modern Control being allowed in Tournament will create drama, and it's the openning for even more gameplay dumbing down by normalizing this.
    Fighting game are doomed.

  21. These guys are seriously on it they aren't messing around unlike that stupid Ono glad they finished SFV with these two guys they know what they are doing!

  22. With these dudes in charge right from the start with 6, I finally feel that Street Fighter is in great hands. What they did towards the end of 5 put everything back on track.

  23. Was not expecting to see this small dev talk but its such a nice genuine vid! These guys have hit it out of the park each and every time since they took over street fighter. Cant believe its only been a month since the official trailer but the hype hasn't died down for a minute since. Can't wait to see what else they'll present over thr next few months! 😊

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