Layers of Fears Official Reveal Trailer 2022 | Summer Game Fest

Check out the Layers of Fears reveal trailer that was shown off during the Summer Game Fest 2022. Bloober team is the team working on the new Layers of Fear and the game will be release in early 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and…

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  1. So.. is this is the first one but from the point of view of the family?.. was it his wife? It's been so long since I played the first one I can't really remember the details behind the ending 🤔 Interesting thought though

  2. Can't wait to go through a door, reach a dead end, come back and find that OH NO, THE DOOR IS GONE, SPOOOOOKY, only in Unreal 5 this time.

  3. For those who are confused…

    This is an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the previous two games in the series (plus DLC) bundled into a single package.

  4. I love LoF as a whole, but they don't need remasters in UE5. Both look fine just as they are, even on switch & I hope this didn't take up too much time to co-develop.

    This is a pipe dream but I hope they offer a discount as they did w observer, where if you own the original you can pay $5 before release to upgrade to the remasters. Even if its $10 cuz its 2 games I'm fine w that. I've just bought these on multiple platforms already & was hoping to see a new game from bloober not remasters..

  5. As a fan and reviewer of this series, I'm looking forward to the release. The trailer is great. But according to him, it is not yet clear what kind of games we will get in the end. Layers of Fear 1 is a remake and Layers of Fear 2 is a remaster? I hope the plot of the second part will not change.
    Как фанат и рецензент этой серии, я с нетерпением жду релиза. Трейлер отличный. Но всё ещё не ясно, какие игры мы получим в итоге. Layers of Fear 1 — ремейк, а Layers of Fear 2 — ремастер? Надеюсь сюжет второй части не изменится.

  6. It’ll give me plenty of time to play the previous Layers of Fear games before this one arrives. I’ve heard a lot of things good things about this game,so I am gonna try it out.

  7. First it was DLC. Then it was microtransactions (and lootboxes). Is the latest trend now to "remake" <10 year old games on a newer engine, retcon the narrative slightly, call it new, and charge full price for them?

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