Last of Us Remake Official Announcement Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Relive the classic journey with Ellie and Joel, The Last of Us Part 1 is being remade for the PlayStation 5 and is coming out on PS5 and PC on September 2, 2022.

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  1. You know I was excited for this game when I heard there was gonna be a PS5 remake a few years ago but now actually seeing this and comparing it what I played on the ps4 I know get why people said this was way too early because I thought this trailer would have blown me away but I can’t remember the game being far from looking like this

  2. Guys we need this. Think about it we get to enjoy the story of the first one but with the second ones gameplay so we now don’t have to see the trannysaurus Rex everytime we play

  3. Well, it's not worth the 70$, but if this remake is someones first experience with the game they will be absolutely flabbergasted.

  4. Played it on PS4, sold the console since then, now will play this again when it comes on PC by the time I'm done they'll be announcing Part 2 for PC. Good days

  5. This is just a cash grab for ND and they're probably making this because they're salty about how a lot of fans felt about the sequel. I guess this is their way of having the last word and hopefully leaving the franchise on a good note lol.

  6. I gave this game a try (25-30) hours and i can’t get into it as much as i wanted to. To me days gone is a much much beter game hands down

  7. To all those complaining about the price , Ithis is not just a simple remaster , it built on the new updated uncharted 4 engine so quite a bit of work must have gone into it , so I think the price is justified to be honest ..

  8. interesting that the trailer opens with a poster in the bottom left corner of Savage starlight, a descreet nod maybe to the unannounced IP in the works? one that i believe has sci fi elements?

  9. Theoretically they could do the same for the Uncharted games as well. As long as they don't make any drastic changes like making women look like men and all the other stuff that happened.

  10. I showed this to my Mum and she asked me if there was a movie version, I said no but she persisted that I go look for it because she thought it was real ??? video games are revolutionary.

  11. I got Platin on PS3 & PS4 and im still waiting to get it @Steam
    [i can´t get enough xD] … im waiting for the Remake and i hope the PC

    release don´t take too much time… so Sony hurry up!

  12. You'd have to be blind to not be able to see the difference between the two, the remake already looks gorgeous from what can be seen here

  13. I'm definitely going to buy this game for both, PC version of this game definitely needs to be on the same level as God of war if not better, and the PS5 version better be stable in 4k 60 fps and PC version better have the option to go up to 120 fps in 4K

  14. I honestly can't tell the difference in graphics between this and the ps3 version i played, granted it was one of the most graphically impressive games on the PS3, i don't feel it is impressive enough of a difference to warrant additional money, unless they are adding bonus content like more story mode missions or something. It was a good game though.

  15. Respectfully, all of these remakes are really taking me out of gaming. I’m tired of playing the same games for a decade. This is getting ridiculous. It’s like they made the PS5 just to remake games from PlayStation archives.

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