Gotham Knights Nightwing Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

In this new trailer, Warner Bros Montreal shows off Nightwing gameplay. Gotham Knights will be available October 25, 2022.

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  1. Yk what funny this is a universe we’re a freaking giant human crocodile exist and a ice person and living plant lady and that’s fine but people see a glider and they act like it’s the worst day ever get over it he even uses it in the comics so shut up and about the gameplay being slow u can’t say in this trailer the graphics are fine red hood using that leap it’s unlock able in the skill tree just don’t get it there red hood not using combat is fine he’s a gun character if u made him like only melee people will complain there all the same the man bun is fine it’s just outfit anyway much better than his mullet he had in the 90s

  2. I will buy this because Nightwing is my favorite superhero, but truth be told they had a great formula and quality for most of the Arkham series. Then they pass this one, decidedly more complicated and involved than the others, to the studio that made the worst one. I get the feeling this is gonna flop. Needs more time in the oven because these visuals are not it.

  3. Listen please this game is not ready to be released we don’t need it to be released take it back work on it and prove it and ship it back to us when it’s worthy of us playing of it please don’t let this be a flop there’s plenty other games coming out to hold us down take it back come back with something better I am not accepting this

  4. I’m just gonna be honest, I could care less about this game. It doesn’t look interesting to me. Doesn’t look exciting either. Im not hype even in the slightest. Not saying it’s a bad game by any means, well b/c it’s not even out yet! But, I guess I’m just so tired of seeing these types of games. Idk. No disrespect to the devs. I hope it’s good for whoever is excited though!

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