Goat Simulator 3 Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

In this Dead Island spoof trailer, Coffee Stain North revealed Goat Simulator 3. Coming 2022.

#summergamefest #goatsimulator

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  1. something that i noticed was

    in dead island 2 its The Bomb by pigeon John
    and in this trailer its THE X-PLOSION by seagull steven

    just something i noticed


  3. 00:33 Is just an extra easter egg of this Dead Island troll.
    The song playing in the background is Swedish, and at this time in the video he's singing "Låt mig trolla nu". Back in the day that would mean "Let me show my magic", but in modern time it roughly translates to "Let me troll right now".
    So they are basically doing a troll….while singing about it.

  4. My brother showed me this and i thought isn’t that just dead island 2 trailer but then i saw the goat and thought wait a second this is goat simulator but dead island 2!?

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