Final Fantasy XVI Dominance Gameplay Trailer | Sony State of Play June 2022

Final Fantasy XVI is an action role-playing game set in the world of Valisthea, where six factions are on the verge of conflict due to the blight. The trailer also gave us a look at different summons in the game, including Odin and Bahamut. Final…

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  1. I was watching this full audio at a restaurant and was thrown out because it was to loud and then I pulled out the phone last seconds and said coming sumer 2023 and I was like😑

  2. As someone who’s kind of new to FF games, it’s all one universe ? Or this takes place in the past? I’m playing ff7 remake right now so just wondering if it’s all tied together with the other games or not

  3. I really wish they would maybe explain and show what the deal is with summons. I don't really mind action combat, FF7R did it well, but not having party members is lame.

  4. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please do not make it linear and mazelike. FF7 remake and Stranger of Paradise put me to sleep with the mazelike levels. Also I prefer skipping summons……………………

  5. It's looks beautiful.

    Gameplay hasn't been for me during the last few titles. Might be on of the last final fantasy games, square clearly doesn't know how to make a game that will keep a majority fan base on board.

  6. Sorry Square, but you are losing the fan base that built your empire. These are all great looking games, but they just don't ha e the flair of the originals.

  7. I hear alot of comments about this game being (better) ff15 but excuse me, ff15 is and was amazing, I am still roaming and fishing and I am loving the new quests, it is in my top ff games and I played all of them.

  8. As a life long final fantasy fan that has made every excuse imaginable to defend this series….I have to say….stop this nonsense for one release and give us a classic next Gen amazing game similar to ff9 or ff8 then go back to your wild button masher hack and slash games. I will still buy them! just give us ONE next Gen taste of a classic final fantasy games we can play for 10 years. I will keep buying the kpop boy band team of action fighters final fantasy…..JUST GIVE ME A NEXT GEN WORLD LIKE THE CLASSICS PLEEAASSEE

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