Spanning the entire FINAL FANTASY VII timeline, here’s another look at FFVII EVER CRISIS.

Closed Beta Test coming in 2022 for iOS and Android.
*Limited to specific regions and platforms

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  1. don't think you could turn off the reccomended videos that completley blocked the sephiroth short/long hair part? it is so awful to view here l downvoted you.

  2. that's the remake we all wanted… minus the chibi BS, why not a bit more serious… I mean less childish appearance? Can't wait for… and I am sorry for the people who got spoiled xD

  3. The original's mixed visual style was because the team couldn't agree which one to go on… could they still not do that? It creates a messy look and disconnect between the battle characters and overmap characters.

  4. I'll play it when it comes to PC, but I'm not going to spend HOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS playing a game on my phone. I'm an adult now. If I want to play a game, it's on a console or pc.

  5. Instead of turn based, why not make final fantasy moba mmorpg 3vs3 or 5 vs 5 , thats would be great bcoz nowdays alot still play it, just my opinion, if there is ff moba, ill be the first to play haha

  6. I'm very excited about this game.

    These are just my personal thoughts and opinions based on the trailers and info we have, but I feel like sharing them:

    This game is confirmed to be a F2P Gacha game for Mobile. For many, this is a cause for alarm, however I don't think this should be an issue. If Dissidia OO and FF:WOTV are anything to go by, Square usually handles these gacha systems really well and you're highly likely to be able to get most of the stuff you want for free without spending gratuitous amounts of money on draws if you don't want to. Furthermore, the gacha items in question seem to be weapons and either costumes or alternate versions of the characters (Things like Advent Cloud, Cowgirl Tifa, Wedding Dress Aerith, etc.)

    FF7 is confirmed to be 10 Chapters long. This almost definitley means that the story of each game in the compilation will be highly abridged and only show the most critical scenes OR that chapters will vary in length from quite short to quite long.

    There will almost surely be no world map that we can walk/fly around on, but there may be a map of The Planet to select missions from.

    Though the story of each entry in the Compilation is going to follow the original accurately, the battles will not nessecarily.

    EG: As long as you have the characters unlocked, you'll be able to fight Airbuster with Aerith, Zack, and Kadaj, even though that makes no sense. However, you may not unlock these characters until you meet them in their respective episodes, so a fairly canon first run of the story is pretty likely and will also be in total control of the player if they want to pursue that or not.

    The outcry for a port of this game to other platforms besides mobile. I definitley think they should do it as well. Playing this game on my Switch is my dream come true. I'd buy/dl it on every platform it came out on. Please, Square.

  7. Next FFVII game is gonna go back to John Marston's last stand and stop him from dying. This unleashes the Dutch Van Der Linde Harbinger that just wants to change the past so that he can have "one more score" with Arthur. So to protect Arthur, Zack brought him into the FFVII universe and disguised him as Chocobo Sam. Thus begins the third installment to the trilogy.
    Final Fantasy VII: Red Dead Redemption One More Everscore Crisis Core Reunion Remake

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