Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary and Dragon's Dogma 2 Announcement Teaser – Full Presentation

Hideaki Itsuno, director of Dragon’s Dogma, shares a message for the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma.

Hideaki Itsuno even announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in production as a special announcement!

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  1. I loved Dragon's Dogma, even though I accidentally made a merchant my love interest by doing all his quests

  2. Dragons Dogma ist one of the most underrated games… i cant belive how many people out there who still didnt played it…

  3. "They make these giant creatures and all you do is slash at their feet" Souls games: I feel attacked laughs in embarrassment

  4. DD is a masterpiece and the best action-RPG ever. I’ve replayed it across multiple platforms over the years, I was over the moon when I got it on my Switch. Can’t wait for DD2 to drop.

  5. Thank you Capcom, for creating something unique that you put your heart into, when you could have just went for a cash grab. Thank you

  6. Dragons Dogma is one of the best game I've ever played.. If Dragons Dogma 2 is nearly as good as Dark Arisen I'm sold!

  7. This game has potential to completely wipe the market if they stick to the same philosophy as the first one!

  8. I like this game when it first came out, and beat it over 'n again and it took a VERY long time till it began to stale. And once the second one is coming, so too the fans I didn’t knew about. I thought I would be infinitely jelly with online version of the game, but no more, something better is coming.

  9. Crazy that we have all those super triple A games coming all the time but this is by far the game I'm most excited about. Absolutely love DD and replayed it dozens of times, truly an underrated gem.

  10. I hope the high scepter class from DDO is added to the single player version of DD2 this time. That was the funnest class I've ever played in any ARPG.

  11. I was always so intimidated by Dragon's Dogma, but once I began to fight through that and play with courage, it made for one of the most rewarding game experiences ever. I have become a huge RPG fan as a result, but not many have given me a similar feeling upon completion. So satisfying. The notion of having an updated experience with the same minds, the lore examined further… it makes me tear up and really hope for this to come to fruition as its creators intend. I am looking forward to this next masterpiece.

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