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Diablo IV | New Gameplay Today

One of the biggest announcements out of the most recent Xbox and Bethesda Showcase is that Diablo IV is coming out in 2023. Join us on this fresh episode of New Gameplay Today as John, Stadnik, and Van Aken dive into the Necromancer, PVP, and…

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  1. I like that it's slower paced than PoE. Looks and feels way more believable and less cartoony which is great. Way to go Blizz 👍

  2. Kinda surprised Knight or Blood Knight isn't a class at launch. Obviously Necro is a staple, but was kinda hoping they would round out the classes with another 'melee/front line' heavy hitter.

  3. Really hope A/Blizzard don’t screw this one up with pay to win mechanics, and support it properly. I will happily give them more money for DLC and expansion content. I want to earn loot and gems though.

  4. I would have been way more hype if it wasnt for Diablo Immoral. I mean yea D4 LOOKS great, but a lot of games look great, and play like shit.

  5. Big question for me will be…… will you be able to bounce your characters back and forth between solo play and open world? I don't always want to see other players…. but when I do…. I want Dos Equis… XD

  6. I really hope i can whale in this. I have to work way to much to play 24 fucking 7. But with that means i have money and i can beat the no lifes in the game and in life. Bring it blizzard!

  7. Can't wait to see how they fuck this up we had diablo 3 auction house disaster, diablo immortal pay to win fuck boys and oh look it's diablo 4 no worries my guy hahahaha!!

  8. I think it lacks in every area compared to diablo 2 apart from in graphics and even then I'm not really a fan of this style meh.

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