Diablo 4 Official Necromancer Cinematic Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

The Necromancer class was announced for Diablo IV at this years Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase. Get a glimpse of this brand new cinematic trailer showcasing the Necromancer. Command the dead with the final playable class in Diablo…

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  1. Dear Blizzard thx for the support of the upcoming launch of "path of exile 2" your monetisation scam will allow Grinding Gear Games to take your spot in the PC market for good

  2. What happened to this game? The first trailers used to be much better artistically. Now they seem to be going back to D3 cartoonish graphics style. Also did we really need "the haircut" in Diablo 4?

  3. Im going to w8 until the game come's out, then if it's good then and only then buy it, but knowing blizzard, expect the worst and you won't be disappointed

  4. is anyone else getting weird vibes from this?
    In the lore the Necromancers are guardians of the Balance who embrace death as a fundamental part of being mortal. This guy looks and sounds like every other Evil necromancer from every other franchise.

  5. I love petbuilds. Summomers, necromancers, warlocks, as long as it can have a mass of pets and mainly cast buffs/debuffs directl, i like it.
    That's wh, i prefer grim dawn over diablo 3, but maybe d4 will ve able to take the throne.

  6. I was afraid that there would be no necromancer in D4. Good to see that there is. Now i can get the game as long as there is no unfair monetization in game

  7. Not completely sold by how they present this class. There is something…don't really sound like they GET what it means to be a Necro in Diablo. Hint: it's not just a Necro, it's different. Exactly due to Rathma, Tra(n)g Oul etc.

  8. A pack of werewolves as enemies (assuming they are not transformed druids) don’t fit into the original franchise imo. Someone watched the ESO trailers too much.

    Also, again with the Sci-Fi looking too bright and cold green-blue energy visuals, but that’s an overall problem in modern Fantasy games. Gotta show off the graphics engine but the atmosphere suffers.

  9. Everything was perfect until she drew out the tiny scythe, that made me chuckle but this is giving me hope. ^_^ Also did anyone else yell, "SKULL GOLEM!!!" ???

  10. What’s up with the colors in this game?
    Didn’t you get the message on Diablo 3?
    Please make it more realistic less colorful and cartoonish!

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