Devolver Digital 2022 Showcase | Summer Game Fest

Watch the fullevolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing on as part of Summer Game Fest 2022 hosted by Mecha Suda51! Learn more about the Cult of Lamb, a new game from the makers of Gorn and Genitial Jousting Free Lives, and 2 brand new…

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  1. In my opinion the best devolver showcase yet. Just right mix of indie games that nobody else makes, parody and dystopian future that is also a reality.
    All in all i'd like to say: honto? nandesuka!

  2. This was the wackiest, most fun part of Day One of Summer Games Fest. The fact that they got Suda51 to costar in this madness is the twisted cherry on top.

    Hail Devolver Digital! That gang knows how to have fun.

  3. As much as I loved this presentation I was also disappointed that this wasn't just Suda51 counting down from 26 minutes for however long that would have taken.

  4. I'm a straight up simp for this company. They sure know how to do marketing right, and 9/10 games they publish fall under the definition of art imo.


  5. 20:14 It is both so hilariously funny and incredibly sad. It almost made me cry. In the times when all AAA-games look the same Devolver finds and makes way for small developers who make fresh and unusual games. They probably won't get the same broad audience and won't sell millions copies but this is the way of true oldschool gamedev. When gameplay was first and aside from making money devs had something to say and express. Thx Devolver and keep up the good work 🖖✊

  6. Best ad marketing team in gaming. What they manage to do with what they get from devolver goes above and beyond what most triple A studios do. Lol they are an indie publisher so they know they need to really draw in people for their much smaller games.

  7. 100/10 presentation. This was hilarious and a very creative way of telling us what the games industry has become. And the game trailers look interesting as well.

  8. What can I say about Devolver Digital, only that they are one of the few publishers that actually get me hype to buy this games

  9. This is the level of insanity I've come to expect and love from Devolver Digital. My favourite conference every year! (The Predator reference was great, and even the credits were entertaining!)

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