Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC Review

Cuphead and Mugman are back! This time in the form of a new astral partner, The Legendary Chalice, now as Ms. Chalice thanks to the Astral Cookie in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

Join Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice as they quest to help…

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  1. Is this coming to Gamepass PC? I dont see it anywhere or even the base cuphead game…I thought i read somewhere this was coming to gamepass PC day one?!?

  2. I was out as soon as i heard diverse….I don’t care for what reason now that word is becoming like a racist slur to me now a days in entertainment

  3. I got the first cuphead game for my switch oled now i just bought this cuphead the delicious last course for 7.99 on eshop i havent play it yet im busy playin octopath traveler after im done playin octopath traveler then im gonna start playing cuphead the delicious last course

  4. Just finished the dlc and beat every boss included the secret one. Absolutely loved it, it really felt like a finale. And the final fight had me grinning ear to ear

  5. I don't want to disrespect the game which is amazing but 5 years of wait just for 6 main bosses? Yes it has mini bosses, but don't you think it's a bit underwhelming? I mean this is enough time for a sequel. I get that they don't want to milk the franchise and want to deliver quality experience, but I dunno..

  6. Hola, me pasé el juego completo pero no he podido acceder al DLC, me aparece CD (ya me pasé los tres templos de los fantasmas y no se activa)

  7. Almost five years of waiting but I’d say the Delicious Last Course lives up to its name. This extra serving turns what’s already a darling indie gem into a five star meal.

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