Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Boss Gameplay

We got a chance to see some Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC. Get a glimpse of Ms Chalice in action against a new boss called Mortimer Freeze in the “Snow Cult Scuffle”, as well as an original boss fight against Ribby and Croaks in “Clip…

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  1. There are so many reason why I already love this dlc. The animation, the creativity of boss battles, so much attention to detail, music, even reworked scrapped weapons! Can’t wait to play it

  2. The second phase of the new Ice Wizard boss is so incredibly fast paced, and the way music picks up it's speed right in the middle of the second phase (1:12)… Chef's Kiss, such an amazing boss!..

  3. When Mortimer attacks by spawning those icicle-like minions, the auroras on the background appear glitchy, look at the moon-shaped windows. I guess the devs really had a hard time coding this fella, they still did an astounding job at everything else in the end.
    0:08 Left Moon
    0:15 Right Moon
    0:28 Left Moon
    0:39 Both Moons

  4. Mortimer, ex Mickey Mouse name, or can be a reference from Mortimer Mouse
    The word Mortimer contains Mort n Mer, one means Dead and one means sea. now the dead sea freeze, it becomes a deadly ice or snow place, just like the place of fight

  5. Something I just realized is that the name of the dlc is Delicious Last Course, and if you take the starting letters, it actually spells DLC.


  6. One thing I have to mention, though minor, is that those blades that erupt from the ground when fighting against the snowman phase are the same as the Chireitou move used by Hsien-Ko in the Darkstalkers series. Just an interesting detail I wanted to mention.

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