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Chun-Li Rules! 5 Minutes Of Street Fighter 6 Gameplay (4K)

We’re at Summer Game Fest: Play Days and went hands-on with Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6! Enjoy this SF6 gameplay we captured in 4K.

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  1. I love the counter color effect! I was actually wondering if they were going to keep it in-game or not. Lol. If there was a bit more of it, the game would be extreeeemmeee eye-candy.

  2. Glad to see all of Chun's special moves finally in the same game!

    But…why is the new VA saying "lightning kick," instead of hyakuretsukyaku? The previous VA said the moves in japanese. She even says hazanshu. Weird choice, capcom.

    Also, the commentary is annoying and intrusive. There better be an option to turn it off.

    Otherwise, the game looks great.

  3. Sad to see Laura Bailey isn't playing Chun Li in 6

    I hope Jennie Kwan does Chun justice and welcome her to the world of Street Fighter

  4. This commentating is actually ridiculous and might be a red flag for this game. Whoever wrote these lines thinks we're really stupid guys.

  5. Her body is perfect!!! Her face is cute…

    But I dont know why the developers keep insisting to made the female character´s hands so big. =(

  6. After hearing that god-awful commentary, I no longer look down on suicide.
    I see most people like it…but I cannot be the only one who thinks the animation and poses look stiff and rough – more akin the Mortal Kombat compared to the smoothness of SF4. I also don't care one bit for all that disgusting multicoloured ink vomiting all over the screen to the point where if two ink vomiting attacks are happening, the screen will be completely blot out to the point you literally cannot even make out the character models for either fighter.
    I thought Strive was ridiculous with all its bullshit UI cluttering the screen but this takes the cake.

    I also have issues/concerns with the aesthetics, but I'll start with the obvious – why is it male characters show skin but ever single female character is covered practically from head to toe? Ryu especially, has never been a shirtless fighter for over 25 years. Don't give me that 'imitates his master' foolishness because he's NOT fighting like Oro so there's no point in taking off his shirt to do almost the same things he's been doing with his shirt.

    With regards to the mechanics, having both a dumbed down parry and a overpowered focus attack seems quite redundant. The only saving grace is since all the mechanics are tied to meter and you start out with full stock, it means you can use the ink vomit moves immediately vs building up to it over the match. That's a dynamic I for one haven't really seen in games, so just being able to through out ink vomit might be entertaining enough. That said, if they don't do any additional sjw bullshit, I MIGHT pick the game up if it's on sale on Epic for like $20….MAYBE $30 max.

  7. I honestly much prefer her SF5 design. She and Cammy are perfection in SF5.
    So far I don't like the "realism" they have tried to achieve with characters in SF6.

  8. I was iffy on the art and style of this game, but this looks phenomenal. And Chun Li already looks so fun to play. She looks refined and mature in her moveset now.

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