Choo-Choo Charles Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Check out the gameplay trailer for Choo-Choo Charles which aired during Day of the Devs as part of Summer Game Fest. The producer Gavin Eisenbeisz from Two Star Games tell us more about various mechanics and more for Choo Choo…

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  1. I love that the inspiration for him was pennywise!!

    i do hope the location of the blue gem and choo-choo followers, will be more complicated, with places to hide, climb…

    and important question- how we evade/delay charles, while not on the train or a hiding place? climb on a tree/rock and through some special bate?

    by the way, IT related to actual mythical beings, through his lore – in Central Europe, it had been called eylak/vurderlak, loup-garou in France, who is the parallels to to Mexican Tlahueputchi/Malaysian mannangal, and superntural orbs…

  2. i hope is developed, optimized well and with responsive support after launch, no need to rush. i hope no annoying or breaking game bugs, im okay with minor bugs. i have a dream to play openworld horror with one big monster enemies + ultra beefy health, and this game is answer

  3. I really hope there will be some changes for the full version. It makes no sense to me why we cant have any kind of weapon with that we can fend of our self against the cultest. Like a small pistole or anything else, it did just look ridiculous how he tried to walk away while being shot from a Shotgun. Same goes that we need something little on foot against Charles like a one time save or something with that we can stun/confuse/distract him. Maybe with the corpses of the cultist we can distract him.

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