Capcom Showcase 2022 Full Presentation

Today during Capcom’s Showcase for Summer of 2022 we learned more about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, as well as new information and exo suits in EXOPRIMAL, and finally we got updates across the Resident Evil Franchise. First we got to see…

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  1. hope for dmc3 remake.., because all gamer know we fight vergil 3 time and diferent vergil skill.. also monster hunter sunbreak or what capcom planning for monster hunter.., issues for PLAYSTATION as well.. thanks..

  2. Capt Forest: Capcom is there a way you can make a Cannon Spike rpg shooting game? That would be awesome if you do that.

    If you want to know what character is Capt Forest he's from TimeSpitter 2 shooting game.

    There Another cool character from The Outer world game. He is another capt that have the unreliable spaceship.

    This is new resident evil game is going to be awesome. I cant wait for that game to come out.

  3. I like how they casually bring out Re:verse and finish the topic as soon as they can. XD
    I don't get why RE fans are so unsupportive towards any RE multiplayer games, can't they be like co-exist with the main campaign games? After you finished the main game, isn't it nice that you still get to play some RE multiplayer games? I personally really like RE: Resistance, sure that game has issues, but if it was given more time, it can be improved and be great.

  4. Waiting for dragon dogma 2 , the most underrated diamond game <3 i just hope that the 2nd series will add more options to the game, like seeing the actual vocation exp gained, like seeing how many dcp points you need to gain next level

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