Callisto Protocol Gameplay Captured on Next Gen Hardware (Game in Development)

Check out Callisto Protocol official gameplay captured on Next Gen Hardware by Striking Distance Studios. The game is still in development, so what you see is not final.

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  1. the concept of health bar, crosshair, death animation, the atmosfer very similar to Dead Space. Is this made by OG developer people? (Visceral)

  2. “Captured on next gen hardware.” Oh wow, didn’t realize you guys already have PS6 dev kits. PS5 is current gen, PS4 is last gen, so next gen can only mean PS6 and whatever the next XBox will be called.

  3. I just don’t get why they would remake dead space and release it a month after this … like they must of done it out of spite as this guy left them and made this .. they coulda remade dead space years ago and released it then so this woulda felt fresh

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