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Callisto Protocol Cover Story And Summer Game Fest Predictions | GI Show

This week on The GI Show, we’re diving deep into our exclusive cover story of The Callisto Protocol and going around the panel and predicting what’s going to make an appearance at next week’s Summer Game Fest!

Check out the timestamps below to…

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  1. I love glen scohfields work. I was obsessed with the dead space series when they came out till 3. 1 and 2 are masterfull horror games .

  2. I was just thinking of Armored Core the other day because of a Bring me the horizon song lol. I wish we would get a Tenchu game.

  3. The Dead Space games were the original titles to actually feature such elaborate and gruesome death animations, not the Tomb Raider reboot, which were quite tame in comparison. Its surprising how few games have followed suit and none to the degree of the Dead Space series. Thank you for the wonderful coverage!

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