Aliens: Dark Descent Official Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Focus Entertainment, makers of A Plague Tale, announced Aliens: Dark Descent, an all-new isometric shooter set in the Aliens universe. Strap up again to take out xenomorphs.

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  1. When will aliens isolation get a good follow up, like just make a new space shuttle that gets infected that takes place after aliens 2. It would make millions

  2. I was actually excited until I saw the game play. The characters don't have shadows, which is weird because it looks like lighting is kind of a key thing. It looks like there floating above the ground as well.

  3. This looks like it could be a colonial Marines 2. I love how they keep the Aliens games going. Glad they didn’t stop. I definitely enjoyed playing the fireteam elite.

  4. AVP Extinction.. without the P, and with stuff to interact with. GOOD.
    But we really need that squad tactical FPS and more than 4 marines please ffs.

  5. Credit where credit is due they did show the actual gameplay so that’s pretty nice of them considering most game titles these days don’t really show you the full picture.

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