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Xbox & Bethesda Showcase Predictions, Saints Row, and MultiVersus | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew shares their Xbox & Bethesda Showcase predictions and …

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  1. All we want was saint row 2 like game and this is not it. And for The premium version of this game they are giving us Saints Road three remastered which is just stupid because that’s already out. It’s like they know this game is going to be horrible and they’re stopping at nothing to make it better all we wanted was a Saints row one and two like game. If they’re not gonna give us that then they could at least remaster them instead of having to buy PlayStation now just to play Saints Row two ??‍♂️

  2. Obsidian has Avowed and Josh Sawyers game Pentiment that will come out before The Outer Worlds 2. I'd be shocked if the game was talked about this year and certainly won't come out in 2023. I hope I'm wrong but Obsidian has a ton of projects in the fire.

    Expecting Project Belfry from Stoic Studios to be announced and get a release date.

  3. I’m sorry if this is harsh, but hearing these predictions, it’s disappointing that the crew isn’t keeping up on reporting from guys like Jeff Grubb and Jez Corden. Outer Worlds 2 isn’t happening yet, Obsidian has 2 games releasing before that. And Kojima and Xbox are not just “fan rumor”, the parties have signed a letter of intent.

  4. Click it or ticket….the government let's us ingest GMO's and poisons us daily they don't care about your health or safety. I believe in seat belt safety but the law for it is another petty BS ticket to take more of our honest earned money in a dirty dishonest way. Love yall, the GI crew! Just voicing my opinion.

  5. WB has such a long and rich cinematic history, it'd be cool to see some beloved characters from that glorious past in the game.
    But then, now that Super Saiyan Shaggy is in a corporate release, can society all agree the meme is dead and not amusing anymore?

  6. Alex Van Aken's prediction about Tod Howard emphasizing Starfield as a single player game and specifically, awkwardly making light of Fallout 76 is 1000% going to happen haha

  7. Predicting TESVI to be shown at the conference has to be the worst prediction I have ever seen in my life. It's not an exaggeration. Starfiled is not even being out yet. Indicating TESVI wont be out earliest 2027 or 2028. The game is not even in full production what are they gonna show.

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