"We're Machine Gun Heavy" – Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Squad’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down more of the weaponry of Squad, including the Carl Gustav M2, the F89 Minimi and a couple of different AK variants.

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  1. Id love to see another look at insurgency: sandstorm, where they show actual firearms people use instead of just grabbing the stuff from the ww2 update to get a reaction

  2. Do Call of Duty:Mobile please
    Ik that many weapons aren't named as their irl counterparts, but you could compare 'em
    I am an active player, and i would love a vid on codm

  3. Ah yes, the FN Minimi simulator!

    Seriously, 6 of 8 fractions (except Russian AF and Middle East Alliance) have different variants of that machine gun.

  4. But Johnathan is just a wee lad with spindly little arms … If he worked with steel all day he may haps be able to fire a big gun like the FN mag from the hip if not the shoulder

  5. Jimpy, if you're a hat wearing corgi walking, dhobi snatching, regiment of foot and mouth pongo.

    GPMG or "the gun", if you're a heroic, essence, lean, mean, life taking Royal Marine.
    I thank you on behalf of Royal Marine Commandos around the Globe.

  6. Red Orchestra was one of the first to use dynamic bipod placement, as all sequel games, like Rising Storm, if I'm not wrong… he did a vid on those games but GameSpot has the quality standard set to not actually show the weapons properly, for example, Squad AntiTank weapons sights to use are dependent on ammunition type and all kind of big barrel or weapon systems are very interesting and not as simple as in other mil-sim as they depict true to life usage, also with current sight technology… like old russian tanks have printed rangefinder and relative bullet drop prints all stack on the gunner sight while with the more modern digital gunner sights the bullet drop crosshair can be switched depending on the weapon system in use.

  7. My favorite thing about these videos is when Johnathan starts ruminating on how far videogames have come, when there's nothing really to critique more about the representation. 🙂

  8. Would be cool if Jonathan made a video on METAL GEAR SOLID 3 weapons
    So many weapons in that game to comment on like the patriot, the EZ gun, Snake's M1911, Ocelot's SAA and Eva's chinese mauser clone.

  9. Just seeing the knowledge from Jonathan and his passion for what he does really makes stuff like Gameology's "experts" reaction videos laughable. They'll take anyone that's sold/worked on/or just generally used firearms to do videos with. Jonathan is an expert, not a one military armorer that's only worked on two different platforms his whole stint

  10. In game each team only gets 2 ppl who can use the HAT class which has access to 1 tandem and 1 HEAT warhead, each squad gets access to up to 2 LATs, usually meaning there are about 5-10 of these classes on each team (dependent on layer). These classes only have access to HEAT rounds, along with fragmentation rounds for anti-personnel with some factions. Certain factions also give both classes smoke rounds but this is rare.

  11. Good stuff. How about some more insurgency sandstorm guns? I'd recommend their M1 Garand (make sure to try the grenade launcher to see the animation- there is also a period correct scope) and the MR73 revolver (with reload animation- top up and speed loader). There's a bunch more that were not covered in the first video.

  12. Somebody tell Jonathan that RPD doesn't have disintegrating belt. SQUAS devs depict it incorrectly. In reality it has a non-disintegrating belt much like the RPK.

  13. With the sks, and this might just be the one that I own, it really kicks those casings out when it ejects them. They go straight up and spin like in game, but they go pretty high. I've had a case get stuck in the foam soundproofing my local range had on the roof

  14. If I had any power at all in the gaming industry I'd make a in game gun called "the Ferguson"
    I'd make it so wrong,It would eject rounds from the rear of the gun,But the magazine would be at the front sideways on,In a made up calibre .76 but have 9mm markings on it,Hoops for charms,Pump action and bolt operated one after the other,Reloads would insert in single rounds three rounds but then it Reloads 30.
    A trophy pops Angered Jonathan.

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