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Trek to Yomi Review

The artistry on display in Trek to Yomi is an impressive feat for developer Flying Wild Hog that doesn’t overstay its welcome across the short and simple experience. However, some issues do appear across the game’s collection of chapters that do hold it back.

Many of these issues come from limited puzzle and enemy designs, although the shorter length of the game keeps any of Trek to Yomi’s problems from becoming glaring detractions. That being said, the combat still shines bright enough across an initial playthrough to keep players satisfied right up until the end of the game.
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To begin on the strongest positive Trek to Yomi has going for it, the combat shines with a unique twist on both side-scrolling fighting and samurai dueling. The biggest gimmick of the combat comes from how the player faces enemies, requiring a specific button input in order to turn around to anyone approaching from behind. This adds a layer to combat that beginners need to master quickly if they want to make it through each chapter and the boss fights that cap off each level.

The addition of combat skills that can expand the player’s toolkit with combos and ranged abilities continues to add depth to gameplay across an entire playthrough. Without traditional RPG-style levels, these skills, along with the health and stamina upgrades, go a long way to give Trek to Yomi a sense of progression. It makes for a compelling combat system that only continues to evolve from chapter to chapter as new enemies are thrown at the player in each level.

On the other end of combat, the enemy variety is surprisingly vast for such a short title. After the first two chapters, it can be easy to write off the combat as simply including a repetitive set of katana-wielding bandits, but the remaining experience takes a sharp turn along with the story. The introduction of blighted…


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