Toughest Game Achievements That Aren't Worth The Stress

Whether you’re hunting for achievements on an Xbox console or pursuing that elusive platinum trophy on a PlayStation, there’s something endlessly satisfying about a digital high-five when you nail a feat within a game. Here are the 20 toughest…

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  1. 8:57 Oh, it's a lot worse than that. Not only would you have to complete TNC with just one life on its highest difficulty (and TNC is already considerably harder than TNO and also quite long), this difficulty setting also disables checkpoints and manual saves. You'd have to complete the entire game in one sitting without dying once! D:

  2. you carry a gnome through a game once and you gain an achievement and an unending hate for their kind even after 12 years later.

  3. "Materia Overlord" in the original Final Fantasy VII was exhausting. Master EVERY SINGLE MATERIA. Every single summon, every single magic materia, every single command (including Enemy Skill), every single support materia, and every single independent materia.

    I have every single achievement for FF7, but that was the one that took the most out of me.

  4. There’s achievement nearly identical to “little rocket man” in left 4 dead 2 where you have to carry the same exact garden gnome through a level after completing a carnival game with a certain score while being attacked by hordes of zombies. When you have the gnome you can’t attack but you can drop the gnome and you can push enemies back while you’re holding it

  5. Mile High Club and Hard to the Core. First one requires developing muscle memory, and the second needs a day of planning and risk management but was worth it for the hand cannon.

  6. You forgot about the go outside achievement in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. The time got increased from five to ten years. Gonna tell my future kids about it when I finally get it.

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