The Quarry Hands-on Preview

While The Quarry doesn’t make any drastic changes to Supermassive’s attitude to horror games, a strong cast and solid writing prove that approach still works just fine.

For The Quarry, the latest story-driven horror game from Supermassive Games,…

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  1. 60hz makes it look like ALL MY CHILDREN. not like a movie. 60hz is ruining games by making it look like videotape instead of film.

  2. Supermassive has always impressed me. Not only by the story and gameplay, but the amazing realistic graphics. Truly great!

  3. Going all the way back to games like the classic God of Wars, I have no problem with QTEs. And for choice-based adventure games like Heavy Rain or the Dark Pictures, it's essential to the suspense. In fact, setting it faster is the best way to play House of Ashes, imo. I hope The Quarry isn't too casual, and this option can still be adjusted for players who want it to be a little harder.

  4. Can all 7 players control their own player or in that mode can they only vote on decisions? Would love if all my friends can play their own character

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