The Lord of the Rings: Gollum 7 Things We Learned

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is an upcoming stealth-action game from Daedalic Entertainment, so Lord of the Rings expert Lucy James checked out what it’s all about. #Gaming #GameSpot #Gollum

Gollum: a miserable, wretched creature from the works…

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  1. For this game to be good, I think it would have to heavily rely on realistic UE5 like graphics, but I think it falls far short. Unofrtunely I think this game could fall flat on it's face. Hope not!!!

  2. I would've loved a full on original Hobbit game similar to the 2003 hobbit game but better. Or a game where you play as a young Gandalf. Gollum? Really..

  3. Gollum dawg…… dude why??? Please don’t let the Shadow of middle earth games be the pinnacle of good lord of the rings games ( I hated those games for serious lore reasons)

  4. This gives me the vibes of the Hobbit game. Has that early 2000s platformer appeal, which is enough for me to be excited

  5. I normally hate “detective mode” with a passion, but if it’s used more as an enemy-finder for stealth like in Hitman, I’m alright with that.

  6. You have the license of Tolkien and instead of making a great action game with charaters we wanna play as.
    This is the thing you come up with! and not even having the real actor's voice's in the game, is such a disrespectful to the fan base.
    Those people who are in charge are mentally Po-tay-toes

  7. Not a huge LotR nerd but I have the feeling that Gollum has never been a side character.
    The gravity of his story may not be immediately observable but I think his tale is one of the more powerful ones, one with a lot of hard choices and regrets, furious battles fought not on a field but within the soul.

  8. Okay? This is about as good of an idea as making a Star Wars game based entirely on R2D2 or Lando. Can’t express how unexcited I am about this game. I’ve read the books, and I’ve played many LOTR games. Definition of a “must-miss” for me. Just my personal opinion.

  9. I love how they barely show any gameplay footage and the little they do is repeated. It looks so off, especially since it’s only 4 months out from release.

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