Sword Master Reacts to MORE Elden Ring Weapons

David Rawlings, a Sword Master and founder of the London Longsword Academy, breaks down some more of the weapons from Elden Ring, everything from spears, morning stars, twinblades and giant anchors.

If you want to see David’s reaction to the…

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  1. Hey hey!

    I appreciate you watching the second part of our Elden Ring breakdown.

    If you want David to check out some of the more outlandish weapons of the game, be sure to like the video, subscribe and let me know in the comments what weapons you’d want to see.

    And of course, and other games that you want to see us cover, leave those below too!

    Thanks for watching!

  2. I guess in the world of martial arts being "LGBT friendly" means "I will stab you… with this rainbow coloured blade of a spear!"

  3. Idk if he specializes in Japanese weapons but if he does then you should show him some Sekiro! Especially since some of his spear concerns are actually well implemented in the way Isshin uses his spear, he thrusts as well as cuts with his spear. So perhaps seeing some Sekiro might make him happy.

  4. If i were fighting someone in armour with a fighting axe, my instinct would be to not hit with the edge, especially against the kind of steel armour depicted here. You can use an axe in such a way that you can turn it to strike with the back of the axe, which would be more effective against steel armour and preserve your edge for fleshier targets.

  5. I have seen David on a few expert review channels, and he is very entertaining. I would absolutely support this being a regular thing.

  6. I wonder if hes ever seen Sekiro since he didnt make a comment on the one fight where Sekiro had to stab into an opening for the armored knight fight during his discussion about armor o:

  7. I think the idea as to why your character has no idea how to fight correctly with weapons is because, well, they don't.

    They aren't a trained fighter.
    They're just a FOUL TARNISHED.

  8. One thing that would be cool is if you got a knife expert and went over some of the large selection of "combat" knives that are available in video games. Some games you could cover is for example (As much as i don't like it) CS:GO, Killing Floor 2 and Battlefield 4.

  9. I love when these historical types review fantasy games, then get upset that the fantasy game allows you to break reality. As if that wasn’t the point of it being FANTASY.

  10. I wish they had a semi weapons expert choosing the movesets/weapons because there are a ton of realistic historical moves and weapon techniques on these things and its sort of a waste when asking an actual expert here.

  11. I trust this man Due to his Stache and he Appreciates the comical nature of the anchor

    And Calling the Double blades the Darth mail sword

  12. This was absolutely fantastic!
    I would love to see Capwell have a look at the armour in Elden Ring.
    If anyone is unfamiliar with him, do look him up, he has an incredible suit of black plate armour. It is stunning. And its well worth visiting the Wallace Collection in London (which he curates for) some incredible armour/weaponry on display.

  13. Would love to see David react to Warframe weapons, there is a huge variety of different weapons, some ones that aren't as common in games as well as being able to change up stances to produce different results. Really hope he gets a long terms series because David is awesome

  14. 11:38 "LBGT". When a sexuality moves up a rank, they overtake the letter in front of them in the alphabet mafia. Bisexuality had its recent promotion to second place by the Don so they restructured the community name

  15. Doing one of these videos for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be amazing, there's a lot of variety in the melee weapons there, with some real oddballs, and I wonder how realistic the weapons and the movements would be.

  16. 10:09 this is actually a thing in game to a degree. Enemies in armor or made of hard materials like enchanted stone or metal are highly resilient to slashing weapons and are weaker to more blunt weapons.

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