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Starfield and Redfall Delayed To 2023, Dead Space gets an official release date, Call of Duty’s mobile Warzone is officially revealed and Sony has reportedly registered a new PS5 model. 
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Two of the studio’s…

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  1. Sure we prefer a delay rather than a broken released product but at some point it’s reasonable for customers to expect a game when it’s promised, studios need better production management. I worked in video game dev and so often it’s months of devs doing nothing and then a rush of crunch at the end to get it done. Better production management would solve a lot of issues. Seems like every game is delayed these days, at some point the excuse of the pandemic is going to fall on deaf ears, it’s been over two years of wfh development your studios should have adjusted to that by now.

  2. Why do Americans announce delivery dates as seasons. Do Americans think that the entire world has the same season at the same time. In America it may be snowing during Winter while its a sweltering hot summers day in Australia.

  3. What I'd want from a new PS5 is a replacement of my current PS5. There haven't been any major releases on PS5 since the initial launch window, and for them to change up the hardware when I've barely been able to play anything on the current hardware, and some folk are still finding it hard to get hold of…? Bit of a slap on the face for early adopters?

  4. God of war it is then
    Xbox once again having a nightmare again… But gamepass…. Zzz
    Xbox needs some good exclusives and THIS YEAR!!

  5. Honestly I’m okay with a delay for Star Field. Rather not have another Cyberpunk 2077. Granted it’s Bethesda, so I know there will be bugs and glitches, but maybe not enough to be unplayable.

  6. I understand the delay for starfield, but i dont understand why they were so sure about the release date when it was announced. Todd Howard said in multiple interviews that they wouldnt give a release date if they werent sure. And here we are.

  7. Fake early announcements to generate multiple waves of free marketing. Publishers save tens of millions of their marketing budgets through this manipulative practice. Don’t care until it’s released.

  8. Just curious has anyone even seen a gameplay for starfield? You guys are all hyped for a game you haven't even seen.

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