Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Announcement Reveal Teaser Trailer

Picking up five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Jedi: Survivor is a third person, narrative-driven action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment, developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. Take a look at the…

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  1. who else would love to see the story of obi wan kenobi and jedi survivor overlap? I absolutely can not wait for this game!

  2. What if the Cal Kestis we know and love is a clone of the guy in the bacta tank…..wait thats already been done…wait its a palpatine clone… no wait its a human jar jar binks…. seriously though loved fallen order looking forward to this.

  3. Imagine if Cal came out in the Obi Wan series!!! They are both around the same time in the timeline. Both being hunted by the inquisitors after order 66.

  4. It's undeniably Darth Revan. just, Canon. he technically isnt canon yet, so they can do what they want with his story and model for the most part. but to hear rumors of a Jedi who's lived this long, and to see another one armed sith. Revan has been on both Light and Dark. Who's to say he can decide between the two?

  5. At first I thought the voice was Sam Witwer’s Maul, which would’ve been crazy, but I’m glad it wasn’t, since I think he’s been featured enough in SW media already.

  6. My only issue is that it is set for next gen, which means those of us who finally have just got the previous gen my case the XBox One X is told buy the newer console, nearly as bad as when Apple keeps coming out with new phones that costs nearly 1k.


    I just finished Fallen Order last month and the first thing I said to my wife "they better make a sequel"


  8. If you like underdogs Ezra, Cal, Kanan are your guys. If you like a badass in your game you're more of an Askoha or Starkiller fan.

    These games and stories have there place. All Jedi weren't uber powerful, but if I'm going to play as one I want a powerhouse

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