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Sniper Elite 5 Review

Sniper Elite 5 has a simple premise: a man with a gun has to kill a bunch of Nazis. To bring about this inevitable fate, players are given a variety of tools, key among them being the titular sniper rifle. While the game’s formula is simple and straightforward, that’s to its benefit. Standing beside increasingly complex shooters that are constantly introducing new ways to shoot a gun, Sniper Elite 5 sticks to what fans know and love.

The story of Sniper Elite 5 provides context between missions and nothing else. Whether players care about the details of the story is their choice. The big picture is tough to track unless the player is a World War 2 buff, but the protagonist’s story is pretty easy to understand, and that’s all someone needs to get through the game.
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Rebellion does this in each Sniper Elite game for a specific reason: the players are coming for gameplay, not story. This tight focus serves the series well. With the story all but pushed aside, the gameplay shines through. Sniping is fun in this game. In our playthrough, we opted for a quick-scoping build centered on fast snipes during combat, which made for adrenaline-pumping moments and satisfying back-to-back takedowns. While this is likely only something that can be pulled off on easier difficulties, it was nonetheless enjoyable the entire time. The best part is that this was only one of several builds that can be pursued. The game rewards all types of playstyles with various achievements.

There are many other methods to kill Nazis, including throwable and placeable bombs, melee executions, SMGs and pistols, and even a rocket launcher. But these work better in tough situations where sniping is, somehow, not feasible. Ultimately, players will rely on their trustworthy sniper for the vast majority of the game. They will rarely find a situation that can’t be solved with a well-placed shot and…


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