Sniper Elite 5 First 19 Minutes Of Gameplay

Sniper Elite 5 levels are made for multiple playthroughs. Let’s look at how the X-Ray camera shines as we run and gun the Atlantic Wall opening level with our customized M 1911, SREM-1 sniper rifle, and Welgun SMG. In this clip, we also find a…

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  1. Why is it every video i watch the player is relying on the diamond and empty lung zoom to line up shots, no one even sound masks its like every shot they take all i keep seeing is "gunshot heard" and the enemy legging it to cover :/ are they only allowed to upload videos on the lowest difficulty or something until the games released. Weres the videos on authentic plus with people that try to be stealthy :/

  2. Well i always get my hands in these games on a sale, still i wish for the people that are interested in the franshise have a blast with the new game in the main entry

  3. I wish we would see game play from someone who enjoys the actual stealth mechanics of the series and plays on the full realism settings. Makes for longer videos sure… but the ranged shots are more impressive when you know how to dope each shot with wind and range.

  4. 5 ! and they still cant make weapons and body models to be properly designed, to dont looks bugy in game, like weapon go through body….

  5. Looks like a fun game, but can I ask is it their first time playing a video game? the way they control the camera and themselves is painful to watch in places

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