Sniper Elite 5 – Everything to Know

Sniper Elite 5, the latest in Rebellion’s head-shottin’, x-rayin’ shooter series is upon us, releasing May 26, 2022. If this is your first Sniper Elite game, or you’re a series veteran, here’s everything you need to know about Sniper…

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  1. More immersive traversal eh? Surprised they didn't add a hang glider………….. because why not? it's a staple in every video game now and I love it whether it makes sense or not.

  2. When can I access the season pass content, it said it’s downloaded but I can only play the wolf mountain mission and I don’t know where to get the skin packs and all that stuff

  3. Great..
    Now console players can be starched by players on PC, and the cheaters.

    I was looking to find out just how many multiplayer maps there are on release.

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