Sniper Elite 5 – 10 Things I Wish I Knew

Sniper Elite 5 brings a Hitman-esque sandbox to Rebellion’s series, so it’s time for you to learn tips and tricks about gun customization, how to survive invasions, why bottles are the funniest piece of kit, and more. 

Sniper Elite 5 is the…

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  1. One thing I just learned was that if Karl is hiding out or sniping from a tower, he can lean over the wall of it and shoot down at enemies coming up the stairs. It’s a dope animation and I was so happy he could do this.

  2. Does anyone else run into issues with the enemy randomly going into hunting? Happens all the time with me and has left a sour taste in my mouth. I swear I'm not just bad at the game lol.

  3. Spy academy is the best map to practice your sniping. Right after spawn stop before you slide down to the beach trail. You can easily spot over 20 enemies and a few over 400m.

  4. 11th Thing i Wish I Knew:
    Mission 4 is so bug'd for me (clearly not only for me),
    i can't continue to play the Game unless they patch it😭

  5. I've always viewed these games as kinda fun, budget level games, a bit low on substance and characters. This one is going for a reasonably high price, and it's just not worth it. If you've got the previous ones, there's really nothing worthwhile or interesting in this one

  6. Shooting a grenade being carried by a soldier can usually take out a group (and some vehicles) depending on where that soldier is standing.

  7. The most frustrating part is when I get invaded back to back while I’m stuck hiding while the late game enemies are surrounding my position. I got invaded 4 times back to back in mission 8 while I was at the church all within 7-8 minutes, I killed 3 of the invaders the last one got me.

  8. I have finished the game for the first time and plan to re play it again for a few more times but – I DO NOT HAVE cross hairs in any of my scopes and I do not know why this is?

  9. My issues with this game are the ranges. IRL, I can hit targets consistently at 300m with just ironsights, but in the game, I can barely see them with a very good scope.

  10. just got game yesterday (PS5) but can't work out how to switch between 1st person and 3rd person view (always in first person when aiming).

  11. I can’t remember which level it was but I was walking along a hedge and fell into a “hole” and died…. Twice! It’s like I fell out of the game lol

  12. I enjoyed this game immensely, but I encountered quite a few glitches my first time through. It was nice to be Karl again. I was surprised how well the enemies fight hand to hand if they are aware you are attacking, and also by how many time you need to shoot someone with a 45 if you don’t get a headshot. I’ve hit guys 6 times without them going down. This game really loves zip lines. I really like some of the changes. I love that silencers don’t completely silence your weapons, and that the Nazis are much more aggressive if your cover is blown. I had no idea you could knock guys out with a bottle!

  13. Wait, if you are in invasion mode and setup a nest, you'll get killed for camping? That's the whole idea of sniping. Find a spot, camp and wait for the target.

  14. There are several issues that hopefully will be fixed with patches, but I've played the game through and it's been so much fun. Playing it again soon!

  15. What i hate, is making a 400m plus shot, with suppressor and subsonic bullets and still the enemy make a B line for my position 🙁

  16. I'm not a fan of having to find a crowbar and bolt cutter on each level. But I like the huge levels. It really gives you options in how to proceed on the objectives.

  17. It’s interesting all the people saying they’re running into bugs. I’m 50 hours deep and haven’t really seen a single glitch or bug. Nothing game breaking at least. I did see a dead body wobbling uncontrollably on the ground once.

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