Saints Row Preview: It Looks Okay

We got a hands off look at a Saints Row preview demo. Instead of following the over-the-top ending of Saints Row 4, developer Volition is rebooting the action-adventure franchise with a brand-new gang in Saints Row.

Developer Volition showed…

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  1. Being okay in 2022 is a death sentence, if you want open world you can probably do better, if you want concentrated action you can probably do better. What about this game is unique to this experience.

  2. My thing is I wouldn't mind the change if we had of had a cannon conclusion from the 1st 2 games, I'm of course referring to the pursuit of my favorite character development. Saints row has really fell when 3 came out in my opinion

  3. This preview is actually being brutally honest this looks like The Third with better graphics and that game is ELEVEN years old its not crazy for critics to except some form of evolution from this series. Especially consider they killed off all the original lore for this Reboot, I'm also expecting more than just the same status quo Saints Row formula from ELEVEN years ago if that was the case you could of kept the f***** characters and tone that the series is known and loved for. The main thing that is annoying me is the vast majority of these buildings are not enterable just like The Third the bulk of the city isn't even interactive and that's what fans wanted from TWO, the ability to actually interact with the city go inside restaurants, Bars, the college, various buildings and pick up ANY object in the game world and engage in the best actives of the series Fuzz, Septic avenger, Crowd Control etc don't even get me started on Diversions SR two was PACKED full of content on every corner of Stilwater. The fact that they looked at all of the amazing and wonderful things two did and decided to half heartily pick tone as the only thing they would introduce into this Reboot shows how LAZY and out of touch these developers are I might pick this up on DEEP sale for under ten bucks like I did for AOM.

  4. I don't think the reviewers description of the game being very similar to the others in the series is a bad thing as I loved the other games in the series but its all going to depend on the characters and story that's what sells these games

  5. Watching this gameplay has me even more concerned, not only do some animations look the exact same as Saints Row 3/4, but some of the effects do also (look at the explosions and particle effects). Is this possibly still running on the same old engine?!

    I always figured this looked too similar to the last 2 games, just with a new coat of paint, but this gameplay makes it almost indistinguishable.

  6. I'm confused what crazy novel things you expected this game to do. You do realize EVERY game has many similar things to other games in the genre, or previous games in the series? There is an extreme amount of customization that is unique to Saints Row as a franchise, and the setting, things like heists, the characters, etc., etc., are new to the series itself. I guess hating on Saints Row is just the cool thing for reviewers/journalists to do, as they have always done and seemingly will continue to.

  7. Gamespot is acting like there are no random stuff to discover… dispite having not even played the game… lol

    Clearly someone was expecting a check that never came.

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