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TCL thinks PS5 Pro and a new Xbox is coming in 2023 or 2024, fans create Starfield in Unreal Engine 5, and No Man’s Sky releases its Leviathan update. 
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TCL claims that these consoles will provide 60-120 FPS at 4K…

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  1. there is not low quantity, more like letting scaplers get away hoarding consoles specifically ps5. Like fix that and maybe demand issues would ease, like their losing money due to the people not buying games or getting ps plus due to not having ps5 to begin with.

    honestly just ahh

  2. Maybe just Maybe Sony and Microsoft should sort out their supply problem of the current consoles before releasing new consoles.

    Also if they're releasing new consoles they should make sure they have massively more stock upon release because scalpers will strike again making it extremely difficult to buy one if there's not enough stock.

  3. An apu and used graphics card down the line is the way to go. Might as well to cash in on tons of free and cheap games. I'm over 700 games on steam alone and may actually have purchased 15-20%.

  4. Feels good to have held-off on buying a basic PS5 and now its time to buy the Pro version again (like the PS4 Pro) and feel supreme over every "basic version" PS5 owner. lol 😛

  5. What's the point in releasing a ps5 pro when you still can't buy a standard one haven't seen one in stores yet and it's been nearly 2 years ?

  6. Well it’s a good freaking thing those current consoles are impossible to find right now so I don’t waste my money on them. Always wait another two or three years to get the pro models because of scalpers. If you are an eBay scalper please gouge your eyeballs out thank you.

  7. theres no supply issue of series x here in asia. i could simply walk to any tech store and get 1 or 10. anybody looking for some series x can ship one from asia, xbox isnt really popular over here

  8. you still can't buy a ps5 without resorting to scalpers and overpaying a lot, it's nuts since they can't meet the current demand and you have god knows how many ps5's still sitting in some scalpers garage

  9. I’ve commented on 3 videos so far but all different. This comment I’ll say I support this pro situation because imagine how many people would’ve been upset about waiting another 3-4 years until we got the next gen. I think there should be a ps5 pro only IF they’re as strong as the rumors are

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