PS1 Gameplay Shown On PS5 In New Video | GameSpot News

PS1 games are tested on PS5 in a new video, Elden Ring is getting a seamless co-op mod and Call of Duty Warzone’s season 3 mid-season update includes fast travel.
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PlayStation 1 games have started to show up on PSN…

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  1. I don’t care about PS1 games this now reminds me of how Nintendo online is making me playing NES games instead of Nintendo Switch games I’ll just stick with PlayStation plus no premium for me ultimate game pass is worth the upgrade you get money first party games over $1000 worth cheaper then going and renting the new releases for $6-$9.00 a weak

  2. Don't care about subbing for old games i already own…how about playing Playstation 1, 2, 3 games I own back compat is what were asking for? With few visual upgrades..

  3. No offense, but why couldn't the Sony PS4 receive backwards compatibility with Sony PS1 and Sony PS2 titles…was it really
    too much to ask for ?! ??

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