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PlayStation State Of Play Predictions: What's Sony's 2022 Plan? | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew gathers to share their PlayStation State of Play Predictions. Which game announcements or big reveals do Sony have planned for Summer 2022? Will God of War: Ragnarok release this year?…

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  1. If Sony isn't talking about Rival Schools: United By Fate or Driver game remakes, then there is not much to talk about.

    A whole rich catalog of old school games that hasn't even been thought of being remade is really terrible news for the next gen.

  2. Could be KOTOR Remake, Divation Games(update), Final Fantasy 16, Forspoken, Final Fantasy 7 Part 2, Ragnarok(Snipet), Stray, Factions. PSVR 2 (Snipets)

    Showcase(Mid/late June(after Microshaft)

    State of play(July)More on PSVR 2, price, pre-order info

    State of play(Early Sept) Ragnrok walk thru

    I'm hopefull:)

  3. The Last of Us Remake is why I planning to get a PS5 when available.

    Greetings from Russia, guys ❤️🇷🇺

  4. I know this isn't everyone's favorite game, but Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is supposed to get dlc. The game was highly anticipated, and still ahs many fans, inlcuding myself. I think we should expect an announcement.

  5. Idk why you guys "predict" Wolverine and Spiderman 2 to be released in 2023 since it's already announced they'll Come out in 2023. Have you not seen the trailers?

  6. Guys it’s ok to have fun but you are literally called GAME INFORMER and people come to for news and insight and things they may not know and when you say things like locking in outer worlds and elder scrolls which things people know make no sense it just doesn’t help the gamer who is looking to stay informed

  7. I want Gravity Rush: The Story So Far to be announced for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. It’s a compilation game comprised of Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2.

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