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Nintendo’s opens up about major concern with next console transition, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope gets a new release window, and BioWare reacts to Mass Effect 5 rumors. 
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During a Japanese investor Q&A…

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  1. Prediction for next Nintendo Console in 2027: will use whatever mobile SOC is "hot" in the year 2025, so they can finally jump up to 1440p resolution at 60 FPS.

  2. Nintendo has problems with consoles your account isn’t the same as the one that’s on the Wii in 2006 that’s what they need to work on it’s like I got 3 Nintendo accounts WIi Wii U Switch that needs to stop xbox and PlayStation and Steam never gave me a problem with owning more 1 account the account you did for the xbox 360 goes to the xbox one xbox series X sharing the same money credit cards same purchases the same on PS3 PS4 PS5 my concern about Nintendo next console do I have to pay for things I already bought to play them on that Nintendo console or will Nintendo fix this problem

  3. The slip knot crossover is cool, but it would be sooo much better in BloodHunt along with a Crow crossover

  4. I both do and don't want Shepard back. There is a lot of fun things you could do if Shepard was back, especially if they aren't the playable character. On the other hand Shepard had their story, I feel like they're story is done and we don't need more

  5. Nintendo (probably): This new handheld console will be the pinnacle of gaming fidelity. You will play your games in glorious 1080p at an astonishing 30fps. And yes, we will restrict supply in the name of artificial scarcity.

  6. All nintendo needs is a product something that can handle the power hungry games they’re starting to come out with, BOTW2 will probably make switches cry, upgrade power, and reliability under the moniker of “pro” with a price tag to reflect it, and it should be smooth sailing. maybe i’m missing something but idk why it seems like nintendo doesn’t get it when console makers have been doing it for forever and there’s new handheld gaming machines that prove it’s possible.

  7. I definitely wouldn’t say the previous consoles had a smooth transition, but the switch needs to have ways to still play games offline

  8. Lol nintendo
    They really need a new console…
    A powerful system that can run games at 60 FPS 1080P also support Steam Link
    And also Xbox Subscription
    Just like Steam Deck

  9. Nintendo is just not good value for money. after more than a year, their first party games were still over £50, even preowned. They don't seem to have that many notable releases and when the new console comes, the old games won't be compatible. I may have paid around £700 for my last PC upgrade, but all my old games still work, I don't have to buy them again and I have a lot more games to choose from, not to mention I can use emulators for other console back catalogues that I own at no additional cost.

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