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Nintendo Switch Sports Review

In 2006, Nintendo released the original Wii Sports for the Wii as a pack-in title, with its simplistic gameplay functioning as a tech demo of sorts for the new motion control technology. Wii Sports helped sell millions of Wii consoles, becoming a fad in and of itself, and spawning a series of its own. Nintendo followed it up with Wii Sports Resort, which focused on the new Motion Plus accessory, while Wii Sports U brought the series to the Wii U. Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest installment, but unfortunately, it’s the worst game in the series so far.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the same concept as its predecessors. It’s basically a mini-game compilation with each mini-game based on a real-world sport. Instead of traditional button inputs, each sport is played with motion controls using the Switch Joy-Con controllers. There are a variety of sports for Nintendo Switch Sports players to try, with some returning fan favorites as well as some new ones.
The three returning sports in Nintendo Switch Sports are bowling, tennis, and chambara, aka swordfighting. Each sport functions pretty close to how they did in the previous installments, though bowling requires players keep the trigger held in longer than they had to in Wii Sports. There’s no new tech being showcased here, and so the novelty of Nintendo Switch Sports runs out quick. Anyone that has played Wii Sports extensively will likely grow bored of the returning sports before too long, though they are still fun enough when played with the right group of friends.

The three new sports in Nintendo Switch Sports are badminton, volleyball, and soccer. Badminton scratches a similar itch as tennis, but it’s still different enough in terms of how it’s played that it doesn’t feel like a wasted slot. Badminton in Nintendo Switch Sports requires players to be more mindful of how hard they are swinging the controller, as mistiming a big swing can result in one falling on…


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