MultiVersus Preview: More Than Just A Smash Bros. Clone

Warner Bros. and Player First Games’ take on Smash Bros. packs action and personality into a F2P package.

The premise seems totally absurd when you read it: the all-powerful Superman teaming with cowardly and perpetually hungry teenager Shaggy…

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  1. Just finished the tutorial and the first battles on the b pass. Fun so far and can't wait to play w friends but concerned this could easily become a day one patched pay-to-not-grind type of nightmare. Hoping to hear that it won't be…

  2. Oh good, the Shaggy meme from 2009 finally makes it in to a game. It's kind of a cool concept, I am just not really in to Smash, I was born straight.

  3. Aside from emphasis on Teammatches, this sounds like a Smash Clone with more options to pay for. And the gameplay looks somewhat off. My guess is it will flood YT for a while until the hype dies down.

  4. It could open the possibility for more Cartoon Network and maybe even Nickelodeon characters joining in, is a different change from video game characters in SMB.

  5. In many ways this is the game Brawlhalla could have been if BMG wasn't so ignorant and complacent. Although I look forward to the game, it's disheartening as a Brawlhalla player who has witnessed Brawlhalla fail to fully achieve its potential for years.

  6. All these smash clones need to have better arenas, every arena is just a simple 3 flat platforms. SB variety of arena design is what sets it apart and sets the standard

  7. Which reporter is this? Gamespot need to hang onto him coz this was a great video that reminded me of vintage Gamespot. Great stuff👍🏼

  8. Pretty disheartened that the voiceover guy said "et cetera" for Jake the Dog, and "Some tree fort" for the Adventure Time Treehouse. 😓

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