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MultiVersus | New Gameplay Today

We’re diving into the MultiVersus Alpha on New Gameplay Today and letting you know who are favorite characters are, what we think of the combat, and whether or not we like the free-to-play aspects of this promising new brawler.

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  1. "Free to play" just means if you want the same content that would normally cost 60 dollars, instead you pay 200+ dollars for the same content. This take was so bad that it had to be a paid opinion. I am not even a gamer justice warrior type but it was just unfathomable stupid take that I can't even view this channel in the same light

  2. I hate Steven universe but I love adventure time. This is enough of a reason for this to be free to play for me and if not. Game Pass we goooooo ????

  3. Olá, tudo bem!! Nossa, sensacional seu conteúdo….parabéns…!! Nós somos do VIDA DE 3, se puder dar uma força lá para nosso canal…agradecemos…ainda estamos no início mas com conteúdos excelentes por aqui..fazendo o melhor a cada vídeo!! Fizemos um video também de gameplay!! Obrigado. Deus abençoe

  4. I would kindly suggest to address free-to-play related question seriously, instead of laughing to that person face, and call him privileged. The free-to-play model, while good on paper, has been used more often than not in questionable ways by publishers, so the question was more than legitimate. Thanks.

  5. "Lets check your privilege" …Okay free to play has made every game better and totally hasn't led to people spending way more money on a game than they otherwise would have. Most free to play games milk their players dry. Devs gotta make money, agreed, but free to play leads to more spending than just buying something

  6. The animations look a bit clunky & the hopefully we can toggle the numbers on the bottom of the characters off cuz that looks annoying, but other than that this looks fun!

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