Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Showcase (May 2022)

Discover all-new gameplay info, monster reveals and more, in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event with Game Director Yoshitake Suzuki.

Learn more about the new gameplay mechanics, monsters and much more.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak…

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  1. Will there be a physical edition of Rise + Sunbreak!? I already own Rise but will definetly buy it again the complete version!!

  2. should be a weapo swap function instead =3 would be so much more interesting even if it could only be used for some kind of finishing move
    and oh look.. instead of making game harder and fixing flaud coop random
    lets fix it with fake npc's who will most definitvely be op in a way just to makke them think someone loves them and that our game won't be kapout in less then 2 weeks
    also… take my freakin money and give me pendants alreadyy…

  3. I'm hoping they actually mean "massive" expansion. 30+ monsters that aren't just reskins or apex versions and a few more maps is what I would call a massive expansion

  4. I wouldn't mind paying all over again to have this on pc but if I have to start all over again I know I'll get burnt out before I even reach the expansion.

  5. Hey cappy my boy, could you hook me up with another sale for base Rise? I need to scam– I mean convince some friends now is the time to start over on PC.

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