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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly be revealed in June, Halo Infinite devs react to Season 2 issues and The Queen’s golden Wii is up for auction again. 
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According to a report from Exputer,…

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  1. Yeah Halo season 2 is going great on Steam with 2,000 players and a ton of mad people. not about what they added but what they didn’t add.

  2. I want Halo: Infinite to succeed, but when you can't even add 2 maps and 3-4 game modes without breaking all sorts of things, I start to really doubt anything else can get done going forward.

  3. Can they just fix MULTIPLAYER for Modern Warfare on Xbox Series X and S. Unable to get into a match; seems others have the same problem based on reviews. Let’s go Microsoft we’re all playing on game pass and live.

  4. 19 titles, right? I might be wrong but out of them 19 titles I skipped 7 and came back for black ops 4 to now and I kind of regret it. wish I would have kept skipping. this new mw2 I think that's where I will start, to see the backlash when it drops. if I do see the game booming with less than 500 negatives ill return.

  5. I'm surprised that people are having a hard time with this halo infinite battle pass. I've already completed my weekly challenges and I'm ready to go for next Tuesday. People seem to want to biych more like it.

  6. A remastered Favela, Highrise, Scrapyard, and Terminal would be awesome. MW1 and MW2 are still my fav CoDs of all time. I hope they don't leave their roots too much, but knowing the current market and dev…micro transactions are imminent 😑

    (Sorry I'm buzzed)

  7. MWII might see the return of villains like Shepherd, Zakhaev, and Al-Asad. As teased in the first game in the reboot series. Makarov should make a comeback too.

  8. ?
    Why the constant milking of those old games?! Spend time and resources to create something new and exciting for a change… .

  9. What about the Halo campaign file corruption bug? I was 97% done the campaign and the collectibles within it then all of a sudden it broke and I couldn’t play my save file. This needs to be fixed ASAP. I don’t really want to restart the whole and collect all those items again it was too much of a hassle.

  10. I wish they would do a remaster of MW3 as a pre-order incentive like they did for IW and MW. I’d even be happy for it to release as a game in general like the MW 2 remaster did.

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