MARVEL SNAP Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer and Gameplay Reveal

Learn more about Marvel Snap a new card battler from ex Hearthstone developers. Assemble your MARVEL dream team in this action-packed 1v1 multiplayer collectible card game. Coming to Mobile and PC.

Visit to sign-up for the…

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  1. this is actually really cool , i am interested in the gameplay
    However knowing previous Marvel mobile game this will be another PAY TO WIN game
    probably have to grind for like a year to just get 1 card or make that card stronger just like all the previous Marvel Mobile game

  2. The devs appear so excited to try and sell the game, but the moment I see its a card game, I got turned off right away.

  3. The question is; will Ben Brode be the next Richard Garfield? (Where their first ccg is really successful, but every subsequent project they get involved in falls flat).

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