Mario Strikers: Battle League Preview

Mario Strikers: Battle League is Nintendo’s latest entry into the popular soccer arena Mario Strikers series and GameSpot was lucky enough to see a hands-off preview. In Battle League, Nintendo puts its Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina,…

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  1. If you listen closely you can here the Brinks truck dumping off a boat load of money to Nintendos head quarters.

  2. I've been waiting for a Mario Strikers Return, Also getting a M for Mature ad before the video made me laugh because I wasn't paying attention to the fact I was watching an ad

  3. No. The main difference isn't the hyper-strike. It's the power-ups that cause every match to degenerate into pure chaos which is where the appeal of the series comes from.

  4. The previewer clearly hasnt played the tutorial. « Mostly straight forward soccer match ». You forgot the dodging mechanic with a boost if its perfect, the push of a teammate to tackle another, the cancel tackle mechanic… yeah, play the demo people, you’ll be better informed

  5. Don’t get me wrong, love that this game is coming back, strikers on GameCube was legendary. But a lot of these game are online these days, some of us enjoy the offline solo, experience.

  6. The only thing people want to know is if Waluigi’s iconic crotch chop celebration is back.

    The game is the same with some cosmetic/item systems thrown on top.

    Give us the crotch chop or you don’t get our money.

  7. here's a question. what about the arena's are there more than one? There has to be, right? like Mario Kart and having different stages. Right….Right???

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