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Halo Series Episode 9 + Season 1 Review

The conclusion to the first season of Master Chief’s TV adventures is finally here, but did it stick the landing or continue to frustrate us? Join us for another special episode of The GI Show, where we’re reviewing both episode nine of Halo and…

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  1. Kinda liked the last episode, but it was a pretty rough season. But I'm somehow looking forward to seeing what they do next after that finale.

  2. I am so happy we have you all and this recap show because I dipped after episode 6 and I did not want to waste any more my time but I know for a fact this review podcast is better and more entertaining than the actual show itself I dipped and I'm glad I did

  3. There were some cool parts… but meh. Its even worse now cus I finally got to play the Halo games (and reach)
    This is like 30% Halo… sad. There were some very amazing battles and even acting but as a whole.. oh boy.

  4. the show is a joke, we look for slim pickings of some sort of redemption on this trashfire. The fans, YOU deserve better, you all made Halo what it is today, and now we have clueless idiots writing sjw identity politics shit into the story which is about lone spartans,aliens,ai going against the odds to fight for freedom and to survive. Have self respect and don't give these people your money to watch it.

  5. Season 2 needs a bigger budget, less episodes, and a focus only on the unsc and covenant characters.
    Do that with a bit more action and I think season 2 could be really good!

  6. Btw just to add: the whole falling down thing is super crazy, but it also happened in the game Halo Reach. So not just the tv show, the games have some crazy moments too. Also, Kai running super fast to reach the shuttle, but she can't get to a normal running human woman within 5 seconds? Now that was the more odd part.

    If you can run that fast, surely… i mean surely you gotta be able to catch anyone that ain't like you (aka normal humans)

  7. I really liked the cast of characters that showed up for this series of halo episodes reviews!

    Not sure what other series of shows i’d like you guys to review next.

  8. Bait and switch master chiefs body wasn't right to it fit a woman there wasn't one episode that was good they were all dog shit and I just hope that it doesn't come back for season two it's all about destorying men hero's because wahmen are better it's just ridiculous.

  9. Yeah I would be pretty close with a 6/10. There's some good parts to this show and I think they ultimately outweigh the bad, but only just. I'll be watching season 2, but I think they need to take on a bit of feedback.

  10. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal….

  11. The story arc between Keyes & his daughter Miranda is kinda tolerable. She's gonna hate her Dad and then regret it until the events of Halo CE & Halo 2

  12. I was told it was a different universe and not canon.. kind of just like the Batman was a different Universe than The Dark Knight series… I love love the games,,but I'm not like a crazy Halo dweeb like most are.. I can actually separate universes and separate video games from TV… I wasn't happy with the few of the changes either.. evil Halsey worked but the Cortana actually in Chief skull .. her taking control and such..not so much.. but it was damn entertaining.. I think casuals loved this people who don't know halo… But ultimately I enjoyed the show it was interesting,,it held my attention kept me intrigued.. it certainly could have been better.. but I think it sets it up for season 2 to really be anything they want it to be,, if you think about it .they go anyway they want,, I think laying the foundation is the hardest part and they have achieved that and it seems like it's a huge success according to most movie nd TV sources nd Paramount.. they probably tried the story 1to1 and it sucked balls and was terrible,,because you can't translate the video game to a movie 1to1 like that.. video games are short cutscenes and you infer the rest…it just doesn't work,,its been proven over and over.. there's a million movies and shows you can point to.. even though the Halo dweebs are loud it was better received and did better than Boba Fett that says something.. I expected it to be much worse to be honest…

  13. Kate’s speculation at the end, that Kiki Wolfkill might be responsible for some of the better moments in the show, is surprising to me. Kiki is widely regarded as one of the people to blame for the massive disappointment that was the Halo 4 and 5 campaigns. When it was revealed she had a prominent role bringing the show to life, most of us knew it was going to be a dumpster fire because she doesn’t understand what people like about Halo. I’m not trying to dump on Kiki – she’s clearly a talented person in the industry – I just don’t think Halo is the right franchise for her to be working on.

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