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Halo Series Episode 7 Review – Worst Episode Yet?

After a week back, the GI Show crew is back to break down their review of the Halo Series. Does episode seven continue to build off the momentum from the last two weeks or have we hit a new low? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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  1. I thought this was a show about halo but nope, just like the jovivich-anderson Resident Evil movies and Mortal Kombat 2021 and even that LOL awful Fast & Furious game, they take a popular franchise and replace an iconic protagonist with a badly-written poorly-acted boring bland new character who has nothing to do with the source material.

    To quote 2 of my all-time favorite YouTubers ever:




  2. Another episode, awesome! I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks for this. Glad to see you guys back

  3. The only way to save this show is to introduce space zombies that wipe away the character drama and reset the show. Flood you have one chance to become the redeemer of the silver timeline.

  4. This subplot of Halo is extremely BOooooooooooring……I fall asleep every time on this subplot. It is terrible and not good.

  5. so halo has a good episode and you don't review but come back for the worst one.
    didn't know you guys were masochists like that lol

  6. My parents who know nothing about halo enjoys this show, so I understand that this show isn't for Halo fans by talking with them. This show is just for people who have never known the halo universe to just watch a new scifi show and see some shooting and some betrayal.

  7. master chief has a core canon love interest that made since. Her name is Parisa.
    They better not have chief fall for the covy girl that should not exist.

  8. I was in the Army, and I went over to Iraq. Let me tell you, you are an idiot if you drive into a sandstorm without protective gear on. She had no goggles to protect her eyes. Basically, a sandstorm would tear your skin. Her eyes would be screwed up. It's likely that the writers never experience a sandstorm. Yet they wanted to make her look like a badass woman, when in reality, it makes her look stupid.

  9. I crack up when I see all you guys crying and whining about Kwan. It makes me laugh because I have no problem with the Kwan and Soren story line. 🙂

  10. They have access to one of the most beloved characters – and instead they chose to focus on some Chinese chick crying about her dad dieing.

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